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l provide● fixed subsidie■s to compensate any● co

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appliances■. But as detail○s of the progra■m still have not be●en released, so○me worry abo●ut whether c〓onsumers will a

ctu〓ally get much ●benefit.Many home■ applian

ce re◆tailers in Sha○nghai have p◆osted signs t●hat promise 50 to◆ 600 yuan d●iscounts to ●those who swap ol○d appliances for ◆new ones. This is ◆after govern

result of t◆ranspor

ment'○s announcement ●that it will offe◆r ten perc〓ent subsidies for ●the replacement. One〓 sales perso●n of Suning said

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"Th○e detailed plan for■ how the governmen■t subsidies ●will be offered ha

li●ances within t●he

〓s not be released.●" Some retailers ar●e concerned how ●the subsidi●es will be d

scope for ■disma

istrib■uted.Li Yan, Man○ager of Yongle ■said "So far◆, we have not known ●h

ntlement and ○disposal.Ch

ow the subsid●ies will be offer■ed. If it is given● to producers, p●roducers s

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hould〓 transfer it t〓o retailers."Som〓e consumers are co●ncerned that if th■e ten percent disc◆ounts are offer●ed to producers, how■ much it will ●help consumers. Th●ey also worrie

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?round of pr■ice cuts. B●oth home grow◆n and overseas brand●s have taken part i●n this big pro〓motion, even though ■it is not the h○oliday season. This■ is a large ◆home

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